Carolina Football in SEC Country


It’s fall and football season (even if it doesn’t feel like it weather-wise)! At this time, the New Orleans Carolina Club does not hold official watch parties for regular season football games. Why? Well, a number of reasons. We’re outside the conference geography here in New Orleans, so not all of our games get televised. In the heart of SEC country, it can be difficult to get dedicated space and TVs to show our games when they are available locally due to competition from other regional games. Plus, past attempts to hold football-focused events have had poor attendance. This does not mean that you can’t watch football with fellow UNC alumni and fans! Feel free to use our Facebook group to reach out to others who may want to gather for games:

Tell the group where you are watching and/or ask if anyone wants to meet up. You can use the wall for meet ups of any kind, to ask questions of your fellow fans, or to just share relevant info (just no promotional/commercial/inappropriate posts, please).

If you want our club to have official football events for any individual games or for future seasons, please reach out to me via email. With enough interest, we can try to make it happen!