Basketball Game Watch Parties

Happy New Year, Tar Heels!

Below is the 2018 schedule of game watch parties for our New Orleans area Carolina Club. Our watch location will stay at Cooter Brown’s again this year. I’ll have event listings with further details for each one, but I know some of us are planners and like to mark the calendar in advance. As always, club members and friends are welcome to get together for additional games. Cooter Brown’s is always happy to host us, and you can use the group Facebook page to plan with each other. This is just the list of “official” watch events where you know your club leader will be in attendance. Hope to see you for a game soon!

Saturday, January 13th: Notre Dame 5pm

Monday, January 22nd: Virginial Tech 6pm

Tuesday, January 30th: Clemson 6pm

Saturday, February 17th: Louisville 7pm

Tuesday, February 27th: Miami 8pm

Saturday, March 3rd: Duke 7:15pm